I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

– Henry David Thoreau

You really aren’t going to believe this one – it’s a made-for-Oprah story that completely supports the idea that “what you think about, you bring about.”

I can hardly believe it myself.

Part 1

Last week, before I heard the good news on the job front, I had gotten a call from the builders of my new dream home, and she said that the two properties I had been interested in were now under contract. Bummer. I didn’t get too worked up over it, because I knew I needed a job first anyway, and who knew how much longer that would take. My alternatives were to look at lots that were less desirable and would not be completed for another school year, but the neighborhood still wasn’t off the table completely.

The future is unknown and unpredictable.

Part 2

Fast forward to Monday night. I received a call from my landlord’s real estate agent, telling me they wanted to put my rental house up on the market right now. I whined and complained and told the guy that I’ve been a great renter, and how in the world could he do that to me – me, being the poor victim who’s squeezed inside this house with 3 kids, who’s just starting a new job… etc. He said the landlord was short on cash. I felt another raise in my rent coming, even if he did agree to delay the sale.

I poured my resulting emotions into an angry letter, which I posted but will never send.

Immediately after I published the letter, a friend called to check on me – one I haven’t talked to in a long time. I told her she had perfect timing, and I began to unload on her about my living situation. She gently reminded me that I need to stay in the moment, and that for now, everything was okay. Those words cast a spell on me, because I calmed down instantly.

Part 3

Tuesday morning – yesterday – I felt compelled to drive down to the sales office of the dream-home neighborhood. I had no agenda. I already knew things weren’t looking good, and if I had questions, I could have called her.

It was a gorgeous NJ day – sunny and warm. I opened my sunroof and cranked up the stereo and dodged traffic-weaving trucks on the turnpike.

I walked into the sales office, and she smiled a big smile. I told her I got the job, and the smile got bigger. She seems like the kind of girl who’s genuinely happy for me, not just thinking about closing her next deal. I like her.

We huddled over the map of the community, and she explained to me again what she had told me on the phone – that my favorite lots were gone, and no matter what happened with it, I would not be able to move in before school started. It wasn’t going to happen – it was too late.

Then she asked me if I had considered this other model. I said no – it was too expensive, and I had walked through the model, but I still preferred the other house. She told me that they had a couple of homes that were going to be available shortly for a steep discount and that because they were part of the “estate homes” collection, they had lots of upgrades included in the standard price. Essentially, if I had loaded up the first one the way I wanted, I would nearly be at the price of this much nicer, larger home.

Some unseen forced nudged me, and I heard myself tell her I would walk through the model again, but I was convinced I hadn’t liked it.

I walked around to the house and opened the front door. I liked it. I wandered through the rooms and soaked in all the key features I look for, and everything seemed to be there, plus more I hadn’t thought of. When I got to the master bedroom, I almost started to cry. I couldn’t dare to think…

I guess I had shoved this model out of my mind because the price had intimidated me, and it wasn’t worth pining over, so my brain just skipped it.

I ended up spending the entire afternoon there. The Smiley Girl answered every question and showed me the two nearly finished homes, which happen to be directly across the street from a beautiful park.

But I still didn’t know what the payments would be or if I could qualify for it or afford it.

Part 4

I came home and called the mortgage guy, who took some information and told me I would qualify and what the payments would be. It’s not significantly more than what I pay in rent, and it includes the outrageous NJ property taxes!

Part 5

I have learned that if I keep myself stuck in the negative thoughts, there is no room for the positive. If I had sat home under the covers all day, moaning about Mr. Mean Landlord, I never would have experienced this little miracle.

I have learned that following my gut is a pretty good idea.

I have learned that the Universe is not out to get me. By closing (not slamming) the door on the first house, I was able to open another that led to something beyond my wildest dreams and hopes. I had no idea what was waiting for me around the corner.

Part 6

I might be moving in July! 🙂 Stay tuned…

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