I did it.

I made the commitment to the house with a big deposit today. It felt wonderful, and I wasn’t stressed one bit. No pits in my stomach to work through… no small voice telling me maybe I was making a mistake… just a calm, solid certainty that this is what I want, along with a huge dose of gratefulness that I’m able to get it.

Although I did have a particularly morbid experience on the drive down. (Am I the only one who does this?) Whenever something really, really good is about to happen in my life, I sometimes have these horrible thoughts about dying in an accident. Today I thought how tragic it would be, and I could hear a voice saying, “She was on her way to buy her house and start her new life – she finally had it together…” (Cough, cough…)

Drama Llama.

I know by now that a picture-perfect house won’t make for a picture-perfect life. But I’m excited about spending some time there and discovering some new adventures in a new part of NJ.

Speaking of which…

Today I went to my daughter’s track meet at a school not far from the new house. The energy down that way is like night and day different from this small town of Staten Island transplants here.

Anyway, Niki was throwing the discus on a part of the field far away from the main events, and I hiked over to watch. Maybe a half a dozen other moms were there. One of them looked familiar to me, and I did a double-take. It was one of the television hosts for the shopping channel QVC, which I happen to watch frequently.

This has never happened to me before.

I waited for the event to end and then I said, “Excuse me. Either you have an identical twin, or you’re on television…” and I rambled off into some sort of gibberish, I think. She was wonderful and gracious and kind and made me feel like we’ve known each other for years, which seems true from my side, since I see her nearly every day, at least for a minute or two.

I’m a huge fan of QVC and of their merchandise. This encounter enamored me even more, both of QVC and of that particular area of NJ. Good people. Good stuff.

I’m ready.

1 Comment on “My Unfinished House

  1. Congratulations on putting the deposit on the new house. Especially the part about not having any pits in your stomach; I know how nerve wracking something like this can be.


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