I wish life were like a DVD, and I could skip the scenes I don’t want to sit through to get to the good parts. I don’t want to do this move. I don’t want to tear my house apart. I don’t want to pack. I don’t want to move boxes. I don’t want to unpack. (Well, the last part I guess I wouldn’t mind, if it’s in the new house.)

I’m not very good at asking for help. Besides, isn’t asking for help with moving one of the worst favors you could ask of anyone? Especially with all the crap I’ve got. It might take days.

My mother is coming, which I do appreciate so much, but with her physical condition and shoulder problem, I won’t let her lift boxes. My best friend hasn’t volunteered, and I don’t feel comfortable asking her. Mr. Nice Guy would come in a heartbeat, but I feel like I would be taking advantage of his generosity. I have a strong desire for the Belgian to be here, but he probably can’t afford the ticket or the time right now.

I’m pretty sure if I make an announcement at my Thursday meeting I will have some volunteers – probably more than enough. But asking is just really, really hard for me.

I feel undeserving. I feel indebted. It makes life so much harder when we don’t lean on each other for help.

I don’t think I’m the only one, because I know others who would rather hire a service company than ask friends for favors. It seems America in general is going in that direction.

I remember how shocking it was for me to hear about some of the favors the Belgian and his friends exchange with each other. We’re talking serious favors. But that is the way their society operates in Wallonia. They work on an exchange system, because most of them have more time than money. And it seems to work quite well for them.

I once saw a documentary about an American society where the community helps build each other’s homes, from the foundation to the finish. I can’t imagine how much money it would save and the sense of camaraderie it would foster. Somehow we’ve moved away from all of that and decided it’s better to hire the help.

Working on a tight budget is forcing me to seek alternatives to full-service movers. I do want to make sure I have money left at the end to furnish my new place, at least in some basic way.

Anyway… it’s a gorgeous day here on the east coast, and I’ve got some things to do before I become a part of the full-time work force on Monday, so off I go…

One Comment on “Asking for Help

  1. I wonder why so many of us have trouble asking for help. Is it our culture? Our upbringings? Sometimes I think, for me it’s because I have a hard time accepting limitations of any kind! Anyway, the house looks beautiful! Best wishes for a rich new beginning!


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