The house is coming together so quickly my mind is spinning. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to walk through it without crying from gratefulness.

I just can’t write any more about it right now; I’ll never do justice to my feelings.

I am overwhelmed and filled up completely with delight and gratitude for this opportunity to start over.

Sending all my love to a blessed, powerful Universe…

2 Comments on “One Day Soon…

  1. Love the house; you are a very fortunate woman and live a blessed life for sure. I’ll help you pack and move in July, just say the word. Work is generally slow here in the summer. I leave Monday for Cozumel for 10 days, and gone mid July for 4 days for the Ann Arbor Art Fair, but the rest of the summer is free. Take care ~ Barb


  2. Barbara,How kind of you! (And how unexpected.) Thanks.I was lying in bed this morning trying to figure out how I want to handle it all. I do have a ridiculous amount of stuff, and I know from past experience that this is a huge job, even for professionals. I might just break down and pay for the services and let my friends stick to providing emotional support and helping with other tasks.We also have a local group of persons who seek odd jobs daily, so that is also an option for me, and I would feel very good about sending them home with some cash in their pockets for the day.My brain is still pondering…


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