I have no desire to shop. It’s kind of creeping me out a little. This morning I needed a shopping bag for my son to carry some bulky things to school, and there wasn’t a Nordstrom bag to be found.

I’m surprised my credit card company hasn’t called to check up on me and make sure I didn’t die or something.

It’s not that I’m resisting the temptation of the mall for some higher purpose. For the first time in years, I feel completely satisfied.

I could not have found a more perfect job or work environment… warm, bright people who work hard and encourage play time. Today the Princeton grads were playing a round of office golf in the hallways while the company founder’s donated Wii in the conference room remained quiet. Yesterday I stayed until 5:45 and was mortified to discover everyone was gone, and they had accidentally locked me in and set the alarm.

I soaked up information like a sponge this week. I thought it would take me much longer to pick up the subject matter (Insider Securities), but I think I’m already getting some of it. My only frustration so far is that I can’t remember all of my data modeling tools, so my Inner Geek is planning a trip to the bookstore this weekend to fix that.

The house is moving along according to schedule, and I am surprised at my sense of peace and calmness about that. Check back with me in about 6 weeks.

My life seems to be shaping up just as I imagined it to be, plus lots of extras I never could have dreamed up on my own. I know I sound like a broken record by now, but I am so happy… and grateful.

Did I say that already?

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