It’s almost midnight, and I just put my groceries away. What a day. I figured I might as well stay up a few extra minutes to crank out a quick post.

I’m delightfully exhausted.

My brain hasn’t gotten this much exercise in a long while, and it feels much like my thighs do when I start up a gym routine after months of sitting idle. It hurts – in a good way.

I feel wonderful. I feel challenged and useful and important and creative. I feel tired and happy and fulfilled and grateful.

And discombobulated.

I love the New Job. I feel like I am contributing already in a positive way, and my rusty skills are coming back to me, little by little.

It’s going to take me awhile to adjust to this New Life. Routines and schedules and planning ahead… it’s not so much my usual style, which is why I was grocery shopping on a Thursday at 11:oo p.m. I had to buy bottled water at the liquor store (closest place) this week because we ran out, and… is tomorrow really Friday already?


Tired as I am, my energy level is soaring. Oh, and guess what? I bought healthful foods at the grocery store; I’m actually ready to drop this weight. I don’t want anything holding me back on this fantastic journey I’m on right now. I’m letting go…. flying… up, up, up…

3 Comments on “Up, Up, and Away

  1. You have nothing but encouragement from me. I did the job part, and have the job of my dreams. I did the health part and dropped 40 pounds. Now I need to fix the rest. Feels good so far doesn’t it? Don’t stop!


  2. You’re very welcome. I have plenty of stories…. I am reluctant to vent too much in a public forum though. Not yet at least. You have a few of the best blog qualities: Honesty, Humor (even in the darker posts) and correct spelling! You have a new fan.


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