Month: May 2008

Drug Test

I failed my drug test. That is, I failed to fill the sample container first thing this morning because I hadn’t had my water yet. Never in my life have I had a problem peeing on command. Sigh… They wouldn’t let me leave the building of the lab once I entered, so I sat in the waiting room for an hour watching Animal Planet … Read More Drug Test

Opposites Collide

I don’t know how I’m feeling or what’s going on with me. My thoughts are swinging wildly from extreme to opposite extreme. I want to eat healthfully, but I want to eat junk. I am obsessed with saving money for my new home, but I want to shop and spend for things to fill it. I feel independent and satisfied without a steady man … Read More Opposites Collide

My Unfinished House

I did it. I made the commitment to the house with a big deposit today. It felt wonderful, and I wasn’t stressed one bit. No pits in my stomach to work through… no small voice telling me maybe I was making a mistake… just a calm, solid certainty that this is what I want, along with a huge dose of gratefulness that I’m able … Read More My Unfinished House

Decision Time

Yesterday felt like an entire weekend. I was up relatively early and off to the soccer field with my son for a game in the misty rain with a temperature of 50 degrees. Ugh. I’m most definitely not a soccer mom; I spent half the time in my car with the heater running. The rest of my morning was spent arguing via email with … Read More Decision Time

Easy Street

I have a mixed bag of emotions this week. Aside from feeling worried and stressed and agitated about the life-changing decisions before me, I also feel a wonderful sense of calmness and serenity at the base of it all. I guess that’s a good thing. As I try to consider where the stress part is coming from, and what makes it so that I … Read More Easy Street

Internet vs. Real Life

I find myself in the middle of yet another debate about the internet versus Real Life. Of course the internet is real life; it’s ridiculous to me that anyone could ever think otherwise. Do we suddenly turn into imaginary people once we start typing on a keyboard? I think not. The internet is a tool, a school, and a new-age coffee shop. It’s a … Read More Internet vs. Real Life