Month: June 2008

The Belgian Doesn’t Waffle

The Belgian invited me to meet him in Malta this summer for a vacation. Oh, the temptation of that! Being a new home owner and a new employee makes these sorts of trips a bit more challenging now. Plus, gas prices have driven up airfares so high I could make a mortgage payment with what I would spend on a round-trip ticket to Malta. … Read More The Belgian Doesn’t Waffle

Taking Care of Me

I admire people who have good habits and know how to keep them up. I tend to move in cycles, and not much can motivate me to take care of myself when I’m not in the groove. I’m starting to recognize my cycles and how they operate. First, I decided I didn’t like the number on the scale. Then I became frustrated every morning … Read More Taking Care of Me

Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

The heat is crippling. I don’t know how I ever survived as a child without air-conditioning. The hum of the fans is soothing at night, but the wet sheets are sticky and uncomfortable. My energy level is drained the second I step out of the temperature-controlled car, which registered 107 degrees this afternoon after sitting in the sun. My freezer is full of popsicles … Read More Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

Taking on the Bully

I think maybe one day I will write a book about how to survive a divorce from a narcissistic, abusive alcoholic. It ain’t easy – the marriage may have just been the easy part, even though it felt like hell most days. Now I get to put all my life lessons to the test and discover what I’m made of. Lisa the Victim was … Read More Taking on the Bully

We’ve Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

I realize that if I live my life in terror, then he wins, much like the terrorists won on 9/11 when America relinquished her freedom to millions of rules and regulations designed to keep her “safe.” I have gone the distance. I’m on the other side of the mountain. I refuse to give in now, right before we get to the really, really great … Read More We’ve Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

A Visit from the Bully

Voicing my fears about my ex gave me a temporary sense of safety and security. I don’t know why. I guess I figured addressing my fear and sharing it with others gave it less power. But it seems my original assessment of my ex’s mental condition was on the money. He showed up at my house this morning (Sunday) at 8:45, expecting to take … Read More A Visit from the Bully