I realize that if I live my life in terror, then he wins, much like the terrorists won on 9/11 when America relinquished her freedom to millions of rules and regulations designed to keep her “safe.”

I have gone the distance. I’m on the other side of the mountain. I refuse to give in now, right before we get to the really, really great parts.

I decided to focus on my lamps. That’s right, lamps.

I found these wonderful retro lamps with a modern flair and a porcelain base in a to-die-for shade of robin’s egg blue. I fell in love immediately and decided to decorate my entire bedroom around the things. I’ve always wanted to incorporate this shade of blue into my bedroom. My mother found them on sale and has offered to buy them for me and bring them out as my housewarming gift.

My mom should win mother-of-the-year for the support she’s given me during all of this recent bullshit. She’s been my angel.

Anyway, my lamps make me happy. When I’m happy and grateful and loving, it’s impossible for me to feel the fear.

He can jump off the edge of insanity by himself. I’m not going with him this time. Been there, done that. I prefer blissful, robin’s-egg-blue serenity, thank you very much.

Photo by Mat B on Flickr

1 Comment on “We’ve Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

  1. I have removed the negative comments regarding this post, because I'm the only one allowed to bitch on my blog. 🙂

    If the anonymous complainer reads this, the copyright on this photo says “Some Rights Reserved,” which allows me to distribute freely as long as I credit the photographer, which I did.

    So there.

    Go find something productive to do.


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