The heat is crippling. I don’t know how I ever survived as a child without air-conditioning.

The hum of the fans is soothing at night, but the wet sheets are sticky and uncomfortable. My energy level is drained the second I step out of the temperature-controlled car, which registered 107 degrees this afternoon after sitting in the sun. My freezer is full of popsicles and the shelves are stacked with water bottles. Watermelon, honeydew, cherries, lemons, and gorgeous red berries are packed inside my fridge. I crave cold fruit like I crave fresh air.

Just one more day of it…

I hope.

1 Comment on “Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

  1. I can remember as a kid, that my folks FINALLY gave in and bought air conditioners one year. Two huge window units and one small one. The following summer though, the men that had removed them and agreed to store them for the next year had disappeared in a cloud of fraud, leaving the one small window unit dad had purchased for my brothers room since he had the worst allergies. My fathers business wasn’t having a good summer, so replacements were all about insurance, and insurance was pending investigation. So, of course, we had a heat wave just like this one, or maybe even worse. It was quite a site, the 5 of us, living in my brothers room. My parents retreated back to their own room for sleep, but Lee and Paul and I crowded in there for three nights. The insurance money came after the summer and paid for central air for the house (with a little help from dads now-booming business). Here in my “I live here during the week because it’s close to Manhattan” apartment, I’m without A/C, but also almost completely subterranean. It was 78 degrees in here at 8PM tonight. I can deal with that. My favorite hot-weather treat? I cut up cantaloupe, and watermelon into a large rubbermaid bowl with orange juice. That and cold salads. Thank god for the water cooler at work. Stay Cool!


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