I admire people who have good habits and know how to keep them up. I tend to move in cycles, and not much can motivate me to take care of myself when I’m not in the groove. I’m starting to recognize my cycles and how they operate.

First, I decided I didn’t like the number on the scale. Then I became frustrated every morning when nothing in my rather large wardrobe fit or felt comfortable. Finally, I just didn’t like the way I was feeling, emotionally and otherwise.

Time for a change.

The first step for me is to add in healthful foods while still eating my chocolate and binging like a… well… something that binges in a huge way. Summertime is great for this, because the heat makes me crave fruit and veggies. Just a gentle change.

Then it’s a trip to the gym – just one. Then I realize how out of shape I am and get frustrated and don’t return for a week or two. Then I try again. I realize I have to make it a habit for it to work. I see people who are in shape and I admire them, and I remember when I used to be one of them. I want to be in shape again – badly. Then I become willing to invest in the process.

I get a class schedule for the gym. I mark the ones that interest me and work several into my schedule for a week. I struggle through the first few, but the muscle soreness I feel afterwards actually encourages me to press on.

Then my food usually gets better, because I know how hard I’m working at the gym, and I don’t want to ruin it with a two-pound bag of peanut m&m’s.

I’m on course. I’m pleasantly sore and I have a schedule. I ate beautifully today, and I feel great.

I took my daughters to a teenage version of my weekly meeting tonight, and they loved it. They need a place to vent and share and learn how to cope with their crazy family. I’m so happy I could offer them that – the meeting, not the crazy family part.

Taking care of me helps me take better care of them.

1 Comment on “Taking Care of Me

  1. I know what you mean about moving in cycles. My own exercise/personal care cycles, unfortunately, tend to max out at two weeks! I know you will should greater persistence!


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