Month: August 2008

Online Dating Tips for Men: Part I

Okay, guys. I’m going to do you a huge favor and lay it on the line, here. You wanna know why women don’t respond to you? Listen up… You may think you’re just “being honest” when you insist your match be “physically fit” and when you mention that an “average” body type shouldn’t be 20 pounds overweight… especially when you’ve got a double chin … Read More Online Dating Tips for Men: Part I

New Spaces

I’m feeling more and more like writing lately, which is good for me, I guess. Slowly, some old patterns return in new flavors… sitting on a new sofa with my old laptop… new coffee table for my feet… new TV on a new wall… new sounds from the dishwasher… old blanket by my side to take off the evening chill… familiar candle-holders in the … Read More New Spaces

Down the Shore

I spent a few hours at Island Beach State Park today. Ten miles of unspoiled beach… very nice.

Burden of Proof

I think it’s a shame that we can’t take people to court for being an ass. I’m not a big fan of courts; I hate it when people bring frivolous lawsuits out of a sense of entitlement or greed. But I do believe in the punishment of the incredibly ill-behaved. My ex is behaving badly. Of course. We knew that would happen. Well, I … Read More Burden of Proof

Survival Mode

I hate Survival Mode. I’m in it. Well, maybe I’m not completely immersed, but I’m moving from one day to the next with some gritty determination and numbing out by staying busy. I’ve had moments of Real Life – of Living. Moments in the car, driving somewhere on a relatively empty, smooth highway bordered by green trees with full Summer leaves, playing my favorite … Read More Survival Mode