I think it’s a shame that we can’t take people to court for being an ass.

I’m not a big fan of courts; I hate it when people bring frivolous lawsuits out of a sense of entitlement or greed. But I do believe in the punishment of the incredibly ill-behaved.

My ex is behaving badly. Of course. We knew that would happen. Well, I knew that, and I told you it would happen, and I was, unfortunately, right.

You have to admire his evil genius, though. He’s brilliant and creative. I never saw this one coming, even if I knew he would pull something, and I even though I accurately guessed the timing would be after my support system (my mother) left. I couldn’t have cooked this one up in my wildest dreams.

He’s good.

I don’t want to go into any detail until my legal processes are complete. But I’m gathering my data and supporting details to prove to some understanding judge that the man who has emotionally drained me for more than 18 years deserves a big “time out” and a smack on the hand. Or a kick in the ass. Or a jail cell with some 6’5″ 300-pound guy who needs some lovin‘.

My intent is not revenge; I merely want him to pay a consequence for his calculating, willful, malicious behavior. The Belgian says that’s a positive thing, because it implies that I believe there is some possibility of rehabilitation for him – that he could learn some lesson from a punishment. I don’t think there’s any hope for him to ever be a decent member of society, but I do want him to think twice before he fucks with me again.

Emotional and mental abuse are the quiet killers in our country, and the burden of proof is really impossible. If he doesn’t hit you, you’re fucked. Justice is a myth – a story made for some late evening television show. It isn’t real at all.

But I’m going to try to find it, anyway, even if it’s merely a legal paper trail of his shenanigans.

One Comment on “Burden of Proof

  1. Go get him! I hope he gets that big dude in prison too. It would serve him right…lolGood luck!Shirley


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