I just read through that last post, and I don’t even recognize myself. Where did I go?

I’ve been building layers and layers of protection, both emotionally and physically. Now, my Self is lost, buried deep within the self-made walls. Sometimes I think she wants to come out, but other times, I can’t even find her. This week she has been scratching my insides so hard I want to turn myself inside out.

What is it that I’m hiding from?

2 Comments on “I’m Lost

  1. Hello in there. It is so easy, in a new job & environment, to lose yourself in establishing yourself in the career. Right? That's OK. The time will come to renew the balance.~Keith


  2. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be in a relationship. Other times the thought of meeting someone, getting to know her, and having to sort everything else out is more than I’m willing to take.I seem to have the emotional drive and then the thinking part of me takes over. It appears I’d much rather be safe and not exposed to possibly getting hurt.I tell other people not to be like me as that makes the most sense. After all, how can you be happiest if you aren’t willing to take chances. Yet, I’m not able to pull it off myself … so who am I to give advice?


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