Month: October 2008

My Other Half

Venusian Gardens, New Orleans If you’ve been following Unwritten for awhile, or if you check out some earlier posts, you might know that I fight a consistent internal battle between two very different parts of my personality. There is “Good Lisa,” or professional, controlled, maternal, sweet, refined nice girl, and then there’s “Fun Lisa,” who just wants to let her hair down, pop her … Read More My Other Half

Writer – Unblocked

I have several essays I’m composing at once in my mind… the trip was a jolt I needed to restart my brain and to get my creative (and other) juices flowing. Hoping to find some time today and tomorrow to get my thoughts into Unwritten.

Louisianna Bound

(Had to cut and paste this in after the fact.) I’m writing this post from the airplane; I’ve never used my laptop on a plane before. I always thought those business people who pecked away during a flight were pretentious and ridiculous. Here I am. This same laptop caused me some trouble at the security post. After I undressed and emptied my soul into … Read More Louisianna Bound

End of the Weekend

Well, I didn’t exactly complete my “to do” list, but I did get a lot done. Tuesday I head to New Orleans for the annual NASPP conference. According to the schedule, I’ll be working my ass off, and frankly, my ass certainly does need working off. My mother decided to come take care of the children while I’m gone, since my sister lost her … Read More End of the Weekend

Dating Update

I’m tired of the horny little twenty-somethings who think they can turn forty-somethings on with some ridiculous Playboy-magazine account of what they’d like to do to us. Poor babies… they have so much to learn.

Free Time

Tonight is the beginning of nice little stretch of free time for me. I’ve been looking forward to it all week – maybe it’s the only thing that got me through. The kids went with their father for dinner, and I don’t have to drive anyone anywhere. I just finished eating my dinner in the family room (a no-no when the kids are home), … Read More Free Time

Past Loves

Somewhere around middle age, some of us decide we want to dredge up some old stuff and look at it again. We investigate, we discover, we contact, we reminisce. We romanticize. We turn the story around and around in our minds, remember only the good parts, and wonder if it’s possible to return to that golden nugget of time. We dream about what our … Read More Past Loves