Okay, guys… a few words about your profile.

Overused phrases to avoid:

1. I’m just as comfortable in a suit as I am in blue jeans. Frankly, I don’t really care how comfortable you are in anything, and how many people really wear suits anymore, anyway? The clothes you wear do not define who you are. Tell me who you are.

2. No baggage and no drama, please. Come on, guys. Get real. We all have a past – even you. And life is a roller-coaster, not a merry-go-round.

3. Any sentence that starts with “she should…” Telling me who I should be is a huge and immediate turn-off and makes you sound like a control freak.

Some guys spend too much time defining the measurements of the glass slipper they want their fairy-tale princess to fit into, and not enough time describing themselves. Internet dating is tough… pheromone magic doesn’t work through the computer screen. Use your words, boys. Tell me who you are.

6 Comments on “Online Dating Tips for Men: Part II

  1. I’d love to see one of those creeps be honest with their ad:1. I look just as middle-aged in a suit as I do in bluejeans2. I’ve got more baggage then the lost luggage counter at LaGuardia and Drama… well, I hope you like prime-time soaps, because you won’t need to watch the fictional ones anymore. But please be free of both.3. She should be a 20-something swimsuit model that likes middle-aged men with lots of baggage and drama, and enjoy riding in a mid-life crisis Corvette convertible. I realized long ago that none of what these idiots seek would ever make them happy anyway.How about someone who likes to hold hands on long walks, and can have an entire conversation with me by just letting me look into their eyes?Glass slipper? I don’t think so. Here try on this New Balance walking shoe.


  2. Come on, every guy who says they don’t want drama… are they idiots… I mean, a life with no drama at all is really boring…Such guys really need to get a life!


  3. I thought you were the hotest thing ever through jr. hi and high school! Most likely still are!


  4. Oooh… a secret admirer… I love those! 😉Thank you, my favorite football player. Tell me again why we ever broke up?


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