So, here’s the deal…

I’m exhausted. Seriously. My eyelids give in to gravity during my morning drive to work. One day this week, I had to dig my nails into my wrist to stay awake.

On Sunday, I watched the Redskins beat the Eagles, and I was absolutely giddy.

On Monday, I received a dozen red roses at my office from Mr. Dinner Date, to whom I’d never volunteered my last name or where I worked.

On Tuesday, I told Mr. Dinner Date I couldn’t see him again and wished him luck.

On Wednesday, I told our sales rep at work he was rude and difficult after he sent a nasty email response to one of our clients who needed some help.

On Thursday, today, I stood my ground firmly with the crazed sales rep as he bellowed, “Who are YOU? Who are YOU to tell me you’re going to handle this matter?” and then I proceeded to clean up the mess he made.

God… he really reminded me of you-know-who.

A couple of the ladies in the office seemed impressed with the way I handled things this week. They said I had good communication skills, and I almost laughed. I said, “No, I can deal with rude and difficult, because I, myself, am rude and difficult.” They looked surprised, and I realized they really don’t know me at all.

You-know-who is in another one of his cycles already. Lucky me. I had only a brief reprieve of two weeks this time. But tomorrow I begin my plan of attack with a competent new Princeton lawyer, and I’m hoping to put an end to some of his shenanigans. I’ve had it, and I told him so.

After this post, I plan to summarize my meeting points for tomorrow, because at nearly $5 per minute, I can’t afford not to be organized.

That is, if I can keep my eyes open long enough…

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