I’m tired of the horny little twenty-somethings who think they can turn forty-somethings on with some ridiculous Playboy-magazine account of what they’d like to do to us. Poor babies… they have so much to learn.

2 Comments on “Dating Update

  1. I get tired of 15-year old boys pretending to be 23-year old girls and trying to flirt with me.(I’m assuming they’re 15-year old boys. They could be a group of girls having a slumber party. The point is, I’m not that stupid. Or lucky.)


  2. lol. I did try meeting a couple of younger guys once. They’ve been told about the raging hormones of forty-somethings and they think that’s what they want. What they really need is for someone to teach them the difference between masturbating with another person and the art of fine sex.


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