Well, I didn’t exactly complete my “to do” list, but I did get a lot done.

Tuesday I head to New Orleans for the annual NASPP conference. According to the schedule, I’ll be working my ass off, and frankly, my ass certainly does need working off.

My mother decided to come take care of the children while I’m gone, since my sister lost her job and Mom doesn’t have to take care of the little Princess this week.

(I do have creative writing ideas roaming around inside my head, but every time I sit down to write, they hide from me, so I’m writing about bullshit, which I know is boring – boring to read and boring to write.)

On to the boring status report:

My weight is up – I can’t stop eating. I feel disgusting and embarrassed.

I can’t find a single guy out of two dating websites who seems interesting enough to date. Do I really want to date?

The Belgian is coming for our 4th Christmas. Why isn’t that enough?

My middle daughter wanted to come home early today from her weekend with her dad. He agreed to let her come, provided I could pick her up, but he wasn’t cooperative with my errand schedule and wouldn’t let her come while I was driving by his house earlier this evening. The kids texted me and said he wanted me to call hiim, but I stayed out of it. In the end, she stayed there.

The back of my neck began to itch the other day and this afternoon I saw a small red, bumpy rash in the mirror. I’m having flashbacks to my Shingles episode from 3 1/2 years ago. Please, god, no.

That’s all… my brain is in Shut Down mode.

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