Month: November 2008

The Bad Behavior of Bullies

I now see why young kids get so distressed that they end up taking their own lives when they are forced to endure the bad behavior of bullies. Of course, I know that there are alternative ways to deal with my emotional pain, but sometimes that seems like the only solution that will make it all stop hurting immediately and permanently. But then my … Read More The Bad Behavior of Bullies

Post Thanksgiving Pondering

I wasn’t so thankful on Thanksgiving. I didn’t make time for that, although my stress level stayed manageable throughout the long day of cooking and preparations, at least until the very last minute when everything had to be hot and on the table at once, so that’s an improvement I can be proud of. And, of course, Mr. N/A had to call, not once, … Read More Post Thanksgiving Pondering

The Dizzy Dance

This is one of those icky days, when my emotions started off okay and then got spun around by Mr. N/A till I felt dizzy and sick and mad at myself for dancing the dance instead of sitting it out. I still wish he would’ve just loved me. I wish he could love me now, even if we are divorced. I wish he could … Read More The Dizzy Dance

Getting Things Done

I’m plum-tuckered out. Sometimes I get tired because I’m down in the dumps and have no energy. Sometimes I whine about having too much to do, and then I sit on my butt for hours on a Saturday watching some stupid romance-novel movies on Lifetime. But right now, every waking moment is filled with activity, and even now, as I sit here typing this, … Read More Getting Things Done

Odds and Ends

It’s Day 11 of my exercise-habit forming time. Tonight I laced up my dancing shoes and went to my favorite Groove class at the gym. You might remember… the one that got me all turned on… I still don’t like some of the things I see in the mirror. My image does not yet reflect back to me what I’m feeling on the inside, … Read More Odds and Ends

Mindful Habits

I’m 8 days into my exercise habit. I’ve heard it takes 26 days to get into a new routine, so I guess I’ve got 18 to go. I feel good about it this time – like I just might really make it. I’m so tired of this body. It doesn’t feel like me anymore.The other night on the treadmill, I finally felt that elusive … Read More Mindful Habits

The Rules of the Garage

This beautiful HP campaign poster hangs in my office building: The Rules of the Garage. Believe you can change the world. Work quickly keep the tools unlocked, work whenever. Know when to work alone and when to work together. Share – tools, ideas. Trust your colleagues. No politics. No bureaucracy. (These are ridiculous in a garage.) The customer defines a job well done. Radical … Read More The Rules of the Garage