It’s Day 11 of my exercise-habit forming time. Tonight I laced up my dancing shoes and went to my favorite Groove class at the gym. You might remember… the one that got me all turned on… I still don’t like some of the things I see in the mirror. My image does not yet reflect back to me what I’m feeling on the inside, but I hope that’s coming soon.

My schedule (and stress level) are picking up. I have applied for some more freelance writing jobs, and I just got two assignments this week for some website articles. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m headed for Disney once again in 3 weeks with my daughter’s new cheer team – what are the odds that she went to another team who made it to the nationals this year?

I’m cooking for Turkey Day, and I haven’t got the slightest idea when I’m going to prepare for that.

Money is tight, but I’m confident that I will manage. The Universe has never let me down.

The dog, who had never known carpet until this house, has decided that the upstairs is one huge doggie pissing mat. I’ve had it. I want to rip it all out as soon as I can and replace it with hardwood. In the meantime, the carpet cleaners are coming on Tuesday, and I’m buying a baby gate to keep the little mongrel downstairs.

I was just thinking how hard it is to make my Self a priority and jump into this exercise program as a full-time working mother. It was hard enough to do when I stayed home with the kids. With all the other demands on my time and my long list of responsibilities, it becomes very stressful to take an hour and a half or so to focus on nothing but myself.

Why is that so hard?

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