I’m plum-tuckered out.

Sometimes I get tired because I’m down in the dumps and have no energy. Sometimes I whine about having too much to do, and then I sit on my butt for hours on a Saturday watching some stupid romance-novel movies on Lifetime. But right now, every waking moment is filled with activity, and even now, as I sit here typing this, my stomach is in knots because I know I’m going to be late for work if I decide not to skip my shower this morning.

But I need to write.

My ceiling was leaking. So for three days in a row, I’ve had people here fixing the big hole they had to make to repair the problem. All that has had to happen before I even leave for work for the day, in addition to my normal 5:00 alarm and getting three kids out the door.

My dryer stopped drying. I guess it’s probably some lint clog somewhere, and I need to investigate. So during my period of procrastination, the mounds of laundry that I had tamed over the weekend are growing back again.

I need to get my address change cards out before people start sending Christmas cards to the wrong address. But since the move, my printer seems to be on the fritz, so I suppose I need to break down and get a new one here in the final hour. Should I spend money on that right now? When do I have time to go to Best Buy?

I can’t remember when my mother said she’s coming. I guess I need to call and ask.


I try really hard to apply all the time management principles I’ve picked up over the years… how important is it?… what’s the most important thing I can do today?… how can I squeeze some value out of these extra 10 minutes I have before I have to be someplace else?… multi-tasking… coordinating errands…

A lot of the exhaustion comes from trying to make decisions about things… a lot of it comes from being frustrated with other people’s inefficiency and time-wasting activities. For example, Niki’s cheer coach had a mandatory parent meeting on Tuesday night. I’ve been down that road, so I elected to skip it in order to get a workout in that evening. Niki came out of practice a half-hour late with the results of the meeting – one piece of paper for me to sign. The next morning we all got an email from the coach with more paperwork to complete. She sends us 16 emails a day with repeated information. Time wasters.

Speaking of which… I need to pull myself together and get my butt to work.

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