I wasn’t so thankful on Thanksgiving. I didn’t make time for that, although my stress level stayed manageable throughout the long day of cooking and preparations, at least until the very last minute when everything had to be hot and on the table at once, so that’s an improvement I can be proud of.

And, of course, Mr. N/A had to call, not once, but twice, from his unlucky target’s girlfriend’s family home.

But today, now that everyone is gone and my house is silent except for the noises I choose, I would like to take a few minutes to be thankful. Here’s my list:

1) I didn’t gain as much weight as I thought I did. Really, I didn’t gain any… huh?

2) My mother drove out from Indiana to celebrate with us (and she’s a terrific dish-washer).

3) I love my house.

4) Cooking a big meal in my new kitchen was divine, and I experimented successfully with multiple dishes in a single oven.

5) My children are interesting, very cool young people, and I enjoyed our conversations and banter at the dining room table. We played games and laughed until we had tears in our eyes.

6) The carpet cleaners seemed to get out all the assorted stains upstairs, and the dog hasn’t peed or pooped in the house since last Monday. The carpet looks terrific.

7) My leaky ceiling has been repaired.

8) My fireplace is warm and cozy.

9) I have enough money.

10) I have custody of my kids.

11) I am employed.

12) I have a working computer and fingers to type or write my feelings.

13) Lucky thirteen… I have smart, sensitive friends who always say just what I need to hear at just the right time.

This list could go on and on for a very long while, but I feel good that I took just a minute or two to consider all of the things that are going right in my life at this time.

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