I now see why young kids get so distressed that they end up taking their own lives when they are forced to endure the bad behavior of bullies. Of course, I know that there are alternative ways to deal with my emotional pain, but sometimes that seems like the only solution that will make it all stop hurting immediately and permanently. But then my kids would hurt, and I don’t want to die, so I’m back to seeking relief elsewhere.

My bully, Mr. N/A, showed up at the doorstep of my new home exactly one week after I had moved in, the day after my mother left, with a stack of papers supporting the fact that he had made a financial error in the distribution of some of our post-divorce marital assets, and that he had also incurred additional taxes, and that I now owe him over $18,000. This happened in August, way after tax time.

Since that time, I have received various emails from him, demanding payment in full or else he would begin to charge me 36% interest. šŸ™‚ (I know, I know…)

I spent over $1200 for a prominent accounting firm to verify his math and tell me that he was more than $4,000 off in my favor – more accounting errors on his part.

The day after Thanksgiving I received a letter from his lawyer threatening to take me to court if he did not receive payment in full within 10 days, so tomorrow I suppose I will need to lay out more cash to retain an attorney.

This is stressing me out, but in my little courtroom fantasy, the judge reviews the facts, tells Mr. N/A he is a bully and an ass, punishes him for delaying the information to me until after I had purchased a new home and new furniture by fining him and ordering him to a year of community service in an abused women’s shelter cleaning the bathrooms and serving them food, and tells me I can pay the debt off $20 a month with no interest.

Don’t you think bullies should be punished in court? I think that is a crime of huge, underestimated power and magnitude.

This morning I wondered what additional steps I could take to eliminate my contact with him and try to move on with my life. I dreamed of finding a bright, witty assistant who is willing to work for peanuts to read and answer Mr. N/A’s emails for me, leaving an appropriate legal trail.

Sometimes, after I read his emails, I’m left shaking and feeling bad for hours – sometimes days. Other times, like today, it’s obvious to me that he wrote in a drunken state, and his narcissism is blinding and indisputable, validating my feelings and giving me more court evidence should my fantasy hearing ever come about.

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