Month: January 2009

You Want the Truth? I Think I’m Entitled…

Yesterday, all of my stresses of the week came to an ugly head, and I had to make some hard decisions in order to survive. It occurred to me that my despair and feelings of inadequacy with regard to the world of relationships stem from my insistence on continuing the journey when it’s already very clear to my heart that the other person is … Read More You Want the Truth? I Think I’m Entitled…

Dating Dialog

I prefer honesty to plastic smiles and bullshit. But writing about the truth of my sad dating life right now says I buy into the idea that being divorced is more miserable than being married, and I do not want to admit that. Although, being divorced from this particular man is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever experienced. I just saw Keith’s … Read More Dating Dialog

Catholic Comedy

Step right up, folks. That’s right… for the bargain price of just $600, you too can get an official document from the Catholic Church which annuls your previous marriage and states that it was never valid in the eyes of God. Seventeen years and three kids? No problem. Just slip us a little extra and we’ll make the system work for you. Unfortunately, during … Read More Catholic Comedy

Frustrating Dating

I hesitate to write too much about my dates, because I want to maintain a level of respect and privacy for the other person. But Local Guy remains completely anonymous, and I need to write about my feelings, so… here it goes… We decided to go out to dinner on Saturday for our fourth date, followed by a movie. He pushed that idea, and … Read More Frustrating Dating

Date Weight

One side effect of dating someone new is a renewed commitment to personal appearance. That’s a good thing. Right now I am still in the zone. I am exercising regularly and hard. I am taking vitamins and eating healthful foods. I feel fantastic, and both the scale and my jeans are giving me great daily feedback. I decided to try the calorie-counting approach this … Read More Date Weight

Dating Diary

I’ve had three great dates with a nice local guy, and I’m like a fish out of water here. Local Guy has everything that I envisioned I would like regarding personal appearance, creativity, and job stability. And he lives 5 minutes away (barely). He’s smart, he’s witty, and we seem to be on the same rhythm in our communication frequency preferences. I like that. … Read More Dating Diary

I Can See Clearly Now…

I’m still feeling relatively good and on top of things so far this year… 16 days and counting. I’m walking about 4 miles on the treadmill a few days a week, and I think that helps my disposition. And I love having office space at home, even if it’s still not fully furnished and is a bit of a mess. What have I been … Read More I Can See Clearly Now…

Peace is Mine in 2009 – Getting a Handle on Task Management

I have no idea how I’m going to achieve it. But I’m going to believe it – with all my heart. On New Year’s Day, I dragged out all of my painting supplies, found an old pair of sweat pants that were about 3 sizes too small, and set about the task of painting my new study my favorite shade of golden yellow (Sherwin … Read More Peace is Mine in 2009 – Getting a Handle on Task Management