I’m still feeling relatively good and on top of things so far this year… 16 days and counting. I’m walking about 4 miles on the treadmill a few days a week, and I think that helps my disposition. And I love having office space at home, even if it’s still not fully furnished and is a bit of a mess.

What have I been up to?

I’m trying to organize the house a bit more. Once I am able to get into a groove where I can stay on top of the regular cleaning, then I can think about other things which must be done, like hanging a hook for my robe in my bathroom (scheduled for this weekend) or even taking time to cook some of our favorite comfort food recipes to weather the severe temperatures outside (tonight was potato soup). The regular loads of laundry are running on consistent cycles now, so I can add in a load of fine washables now and then and finally wear some sexy underwear. Likewise, clean sheets seem like a luxury.

While I packed up the Christmas decorations this year, it seemed funny to consider storing them for easy access next year, rather than concentrating on protective packing for an inevitable move. That’s nice. I have wonderful attic space here, where I’m dreaming of setting up shelves full of treasures I only need once a year or when I feel like reminiscing.

I really love it when I’m in this stage of my ups and downs. Life seems to run smoothly for the most part, and I am able to manage the crap that comes more effectively. It’s not a high… it’s not a low… it’s just a mediocre place in the middle with focus. My mind is quiet – not spinning around tirelessly. I feel like I can exist among the living with no embarrassment at all. Life is fun. Life is good. I can handle it. It’s like the clear picture on the allergy medicine commercial – everything is bright and crisp.

Is that because I’ve been eating more fruits and vegetables? Taking vitamins? Walking? It seems like I only feel like incorporating healthy habits when I’m already feeling clear, so I’m not sure which comes first.

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