One side effect of dating someone new is a renewed commitment to personal appearance. That’s a good thing.

Right now I am still in the zone. I am exercising regularly and hard. I am taking vitamins and eating healthful foods. I feel fantastic, and both the scale and my jeans are giving me great daily feedback.

I decided to try the calorie-counting approach this time to manage my eating habits. I found a great little application for my iPod Touch called Lose It. It’s free, and it’s a motivator for me, although every time I see the icon, my head starts playing Just Lose It, by Eminem.

I set my weight-loss goals, and the thing tells me I’ll reach my goal by April 24, 2009. That sounds fantastic to me. Just in time for short sleeves, followed closely by beach season. Every day I log my food and exercise, and every morning I log my new weight. I get to see my progress on a graph, which was the same motivating tool I used the last time I had a successful round of weight loss. Go figure.

Local Guy showed me around his place, so I guess it’s my turn. I invited him to come to my house for dinner tomorrow night. Ever the kind gentleman, he accepted, but said I didn’t have to cook, since I probably do that all week. Little does he know…

Local Guy happens to be in immaculate shape, or so it seems from the outside of his clothes. He seems supportive of my efforts without making me feel like it’s something he thinks I need to do. His claim is that he merely exercises when he can, and that he doesn’t have some rigorous schedule – it’s just part of his day… or not. But mostly, apparently, it is.

I haven’t decided if I will cook tomorrow or not, but probably I will so that I can manage the calorie content to a certain degree. Of course, I’m not going to serve him just lettuce. He stands a full six-feet tall, and I don’t think he could survive on my caloric allowance for the day.

I feel happy and content. Maybe more so because of the weight loss than the dating, but he definitely puts a smile on my face. No sky rockets are going off, but I think that’s probably a good thing for me in this early stage. I like him. So far, I really like him.

He’s definitely been good for my waistline.

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