Month: February 2009

Boys will be… Bitches?

This weekend I had 2 ½ dates. The half wasn’t really a date at all, but a Friday night trip to the movies with a coworker friend who lives down the road. (We saw the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire, and it was completely thought-provoking and memorable.) My friend dropped me off and promptly went to his favorite bar to ogle his favorite waitress and her … Read More Boys will be… Bitches?

Mood Swings and Other Emotional Playground Fun

After somewhat sanely surviving a divorce, two moves, and a new job over the past 3 years, my emotions are fighting their way back to the surface. They’re big. And they’re loud. Tuesday was a bad day… a very bad day. I couldn’t control my tears at the office, had a complete meltdown, and promptly went home. I cried into the afternoon and evening, … Read More Mood Swings and Other Emotional Playground Fun

Divine Dawning

Heartfelt “thank you’s” to everyone who has been praying for me and/or sending positive energy in my general direction. It’s working. When my mom said she would pray over my situation, I told her I appreciated it, but I know by now that God doesn’t zap the bad guys and turn them into good guys. I told her Mr. N/A is who he is, … Read More Divine Dawning

Past and Present Pain

My head hurts so badly – I just wish I could lie down and not get up until the day of Mr. N/A’s death or enlightenment. I think I could forgive a rapist or a murderer more easily than I could a bully who constantly pours stress on my head like buckets of cold water. I’m finally crying. I don’t do that so much … Read More Past and Present Pain

Set Me Up

Okay, so this morning I finally said yes to my coworker who has been trying to set me up with her acupuncturist. I’ve never been set up before, and I don’t think I’ve ever dated a man with a job title ending in “ist” and a patient roster. Do you think it’s rude if I ask him right off if his penis works? Bring … Read More Set Me Up

Online Dating, Rewritten

Dating websites exhaust me and make me want to give up on the entire male gender. This week, I met “LovePuppies,” who is about 200 pounds overweight and happens to have 10 dogs. Then there was the 57-year-old widower whose first email to me was all about his wife. And of course, an online dating episode would never be complete without meeting that “perfect” … Read More Online Dating, Rewritten


This song made some magic for me today: SoarChristina Aguilera When they push, when they pullTell me can you hold onWhen they say you should changeCan you lift your head high and stay strong Will you give up, give inWhen your heart’s crying out “that is wrong”Will you love you for you at the end of it all Now in life there’s gonna be … Read More Soar

More Baby Steps

I made it to the gym after all, and I had a solid hour of hot sweat on the wave machine while I rocked out to good tunes. Loved it. When I got home, I made a nice salad, but my food wasn’t perfect because I snacked this afternoon. I chose a good food, but I ate too much of it. Right now, I … Read More More Baby Steps

One Step at a Time

I hate writing ugly, real-life posts. This blog is supposed to be about my story – ideally it would be a peek into my past, a few growing pains, et voila… a successful ending all wrapped up with a red bow and magnificent, earth-shattering life-lessons to share with the world. God, I’m so dramatic. So, anyway… I thought it might be beneficial for me … Read More One Step at a Time

A Baked Ziti Won’t Fix It

I’ve been binge eating since Tuesday, when my stresses all came and overwhelmed me and left me foggy and seemingly incapable of making good food choices. I’m on the edge. I’m sitting here now, listening to one voice in my head that is telling me to make myself a good breakfast, start some laundry, and then head to the gym. It’s a new day, … Read More A Baked Ziti Won’t Fix It