I hate writing ugly, real-life posts. This blog is supposed to be about my story – ideally it would be a peek into my past, a few growing pains, et voila… a successful ending all wrapped up with a red bow and magnificent, earth-shattering life-lessons to share with the world.

God, I’m so dramatic.

So, anyway…

I thought it might be beneficial for me to write several posts throughout this day to update my progress, log my process, and hopefully feel accountable that I need to make good choices for myself.

So far, even though I’m still in pain and feeling like crap, I have made good choices.

I got dressed and made my bed.

I made myself a good, smart breakfast. I didn’t think about it much – I just did it – right after I published that last post. I told myself it was enough food and thought about how good it was for my body with every bite.

I’m drinking a glass of water and taking my vitamins.

Now, I’m considering how great I will feel if I get my ass to the gym. Jury’s still out…

1 Comment on “One Step at a Time

  1. I’ve had trouble getting my butt to the gym as well — and I just need to walk to my garage.However, it’s been in the teens a lot (or colder or not much warmer) and I’m just not in the mood to wrap my hands around cold metal bars. Had I been keeping up with things I’d be more inclined to work out (two years ago we had a couple of weeks of single-digit weather and I made it per my schedule), but my routine was interrupted a few weeks back and it’s been hard to get into the swing again.This week we’re getting a break (it’s already 33F) and I hope to get back at it.


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