Heartfelt “thank you’s” to everyone who has been praying for me and/or sending positive energy in my general direction. It’s working.

When my mom said she would pray over my situation, I told her I appreciated it, but I know by now that God doesn’t zap the bad guys and turn them into good guys. I told her Mr. N/A is who he is, and I don’t think that’s going to change. She agreed, but said we could pray instead that the judge who hears this case will be understanding and wise, and that maybe I’ll be able to see some justice, after all.

Wow. My fantasy court hearing!!!

Maybe it won’t go exactly as I want, but at last, I do have an opportunity to have my say. Instead of being a curse, maybe this whole episode is working to give me some relief, after all. Maybe there’s some truth to that whole idea of “what you think about, you bring about.” I’ve been thinking (nearly every day for months now) that I want a judge to call Mr. N/A on his shit. Maybe he will.

I was brought up not to wish ill on anyone, but I need a break here. I can’t leave the playground. Reasoning doesn’t work. Violence isn’t the answer. It’s time for the Bully to get what’s coming to him. His narcissism probably will never let him have an “ah ha” moment, but a negative impact to his bank account will certainly get his attention.

Please keep the prayers and good energy coming. I promise to soak it all up and surrender to a power greater than myself.

My court date is set for March 6th. My lawyer is optimistic.

2 Comments on “Divine Dawning

  1. I hope for you that you are able to take each thing as it comes and aren’t negatively affected by anything that comes your way. Hopefully he’ll never get the satisfaction of seeing you upset… it’s possible that feeds him further.So I hope for you calm serenity. Look at all of the good things that came in you life in the past year.


  2. SheLikesToTravel said it so well. I join in the hopes and prayers for an unflappable Lisa and a frustrated Mr. N/A as a result.~Keith


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