Month: March 2009

Stormy Weather

Photo taken just moments ago from my front porch. This storm moved in so fast, we didn’t know what hit us… hail and all.

Wisdom to Know the Difference

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Such a simple prayer, but it packs a big punch. Today, I’m struggling with the last part. How do I know when to quietly accept my circumstances and when to stand up for myself? Mr. N/A has … Read More Wisdom to Know the Difference

Another One Bites the Dust

There will be no poking with Poker Man. What a waste of matching lingerie. I’ll spare you the gory details, not because I don’t want to write them, but out of respect for the fallen. My heart hit my stomach with a “thud” when I first met him. He waited until late afternoon on Saturday to firm up the plans and tried to put … Read More Another One Bites the Dust

Take Me Out to the… Take Me

Tomorrow evening I’m going out with Poker Man – my first set-up and blind date ever. The friend isn’t coming to break the ice; we’re on our own, so I hope we click enough to get through the night without too much stress. Our email exchanges have been very entertaining for me. He’s witty and smart, and his personality seems like a very good … Read More Take Me Out to the… Take Me

Childlike Wonder – Big Toes vs. Thumbs

There is nothing in the world that jolts me into the present moment more quickly and fully than to hear one of my son’s little pearls of wisdom or to ponder one of his big questions. Today, he mused, “Isn’t it funny how the hands and thumbs are really opposite the feet and the big toes?” I started to think about that, but I … Read More Childlike Wonder – Big Toes vs. Thumbs

Who Would’ve Thought… It Figures

I’m eating lunch at my desk again, but I think it’s important to break from work, so here I am. The Universe is playing tricks on me again. I had announced that I was going to put dating on the back burner for awhile, and by that, I meant that I would take a more passive approach to my online dating sites. I meant … Read More Who Would’ve Thought… It Figures

Random Rant – Getting Lucky

Why do guys, in an introductory email for an online dating site, ask, “So, are you having any luck on here?” What the fuck does that mean? From a female perspective, I would respond, ” Uh, yeah… I met the man of my dreams and we’re getting married. I thought I’d keep up my subscription as a souvenir.” Dumbass. I guess maybe from the … Read More Random Rant – Getting Lucky