I think I am doing remarkably well, considering how stressed I am.

My court date with Mr. N/A has been moved to March 20th, and I am anxious to have that behind me. I am hesitantly optimistic.

Due to my less-than-wonderful online dating experiences, I have decided to put men on the back burner for awhile and pour my heart into homemaking in order to deal with my stress-induced adrenalin. I thought I would create a new project for each weekend that the children are with their father, beginning with interior painting.

Last weekend, I started in the Dining Room, which is now a lovely shade of Ruskin Room Green from Sherwin Williams. I love it, although my friend and painting partner said green isn’t conducive to good appetites, so we’ll just have to see about that.

I’m not sure what’s in store for the next round, but I know I need to pick a room and just do it. When the weather warms up a little more, I’d like to take a trip into the New York City garment district to have a look at fabric for my window treatments.

Expressing my creativity really does help me cope with the stress. The trick, for me, is to have a plan, because without one, my mind just spins and turns and goes absolutely nowhere.

On a side note, I miss the Belgian very much, and I’ve also been thinking about Mr. Nice Guy. I feel a little bit “stuck” in the romance department.

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