I’m feeling a little less fuzzy since my sugar detox earlier this week. I also added fish oil capsules to my vitamin regime for insurance, and I’m much more faithful about vitamins as a necessary part of my morning routine.

Being clear enables me to do a multitude of other things that make my life a little bit easier, too. The snowball effect is incredible.

I have the attention span to clean out my email inboxes and manage my task list, which leads to a greater since of organization and accomplishment and empowers me to be even more productive. With a weeded out “to do” list, I even have time and energy to return emails from my friends, who, in turn, provide me with moral support and energy, which enhances my well-being and provides even more positivity. I can look ahead to upcoming events and plan, instead of merely surviving moment to moment.

I’ve been taught to “live in the moment,” but the current moment can be chaotic without any planning. For example, I have a goal to increase the number of weekly home-cooked dinners around the kitchen table. Family dinners encourage family bonding and open conversation, dining at home saves me money, and I can provide nutritional options for everyone. If I wait until I get home from work at 6:30 to start planning the meal, chances are good that dinner will be plain pasta or frozen chicken nuggets – again. So, once again, the clarity helps me think ahead, purchase appropriate groceries, and be prepared.

This seems like such basic stuff, doesn’t it? I admit it – daily, routine things sometimes completely overwhelm me. I’m so grateful when I can be in “the zone.”

1 Comment on “Are We Clear? Crystal…

  1. The crockpot is a great time saver and planner too. Nice to use when it is hot outside and inside.Shirley


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