I’m eating lunch at my desk again, but I think it’s important to break from work, so here I am.

The Universe is playing tricks on me again.

I had announced that I was going to put dating on the back burner for awhile, and by that, I meant that I would take a more passive approach to my online dating sites. I meant that I would no longer think of my next weekend without the kids as a potential dating opportunity, and I wouldn’t spend time online actively seeking out someone to date. I still log in to check emails, but unless someone really piques my interest, I don’t respond, because I’ve learned that even a very simple “no thank you” can sometimes launch a lengthy (and sometimes nasty) email exchange based on his deep, self-destructive desire to know “why not” or his huge ego that honestly believes he can change my mind if I hear about how good he is in bed.

I had decided that, while I was trying to give up the huge quantities of my beloved sugar, I was not going to diet or count calories, and I could eat other things until I was full as long as it wasn’t primarily sugar, because I wasn’t going to be dating right now anyway. The treadmill is collecting dust, too, for now.

I stuck to my intentions.

Enter: stage right, the Universe.

In typical “isn’t it ironic” fashion, Poker Man (my friend’s friend) has finally decided to make use of my email address that he received quite some time ago, and we have been exchanging witty banter for several days now. I like him.

Damn it.

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