Tomorrow evening I’m going out with Poker Man – my first set-up and blind date ever. The friend isn’t coming to break the ice; we’re on our own, so I hope we click enough to get through the night without too much stress. Our email exchanges have been very entertaining for me. He’s witty and smart, and his personality seems like a very good match for mine. He didn’t even ask for a picture. I’m kinda impressed by that. I hope my friend didn’t over-sell me.

The best news for me is that he doesn’t drink alcohol. I like that. AND he’s not from NJ. I kinda like that, too.

I’m not hoping for a long-term relationship out of this, but I am aching for a long, passionate, unforgettable kiss that makes every inch of my skin tingle and stirs me up inside. A stray hand brushing across my breast would send me to the moon.

There… there it is… that pulsating feeling in my thighs. Oh god… I forget what it’s even like.

I might need a chaperone.

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