There will be no poking with Poker Man. What a waste of matching lingerie.

I’ll spare you the gory details, not because I don’t want to write them, but out of respect for the fallen. My heart hit my stomach with a “thud” when I first met him.

He waited until late afternoon on Saturday to firm up the plans and tried to put the planning back on me. I insisted that he choose the restaurant, but I ended up guiding the entire process. I said I preferred to keep it casual, so casual it was – a diner-like place that was packed and left us waiting for 30 minutes to sit down, because of course he didn’t make a reservation.

Note to self and other interested parties: Dating 101 for Guys may prevent perfectly heterosexual women from looking for love outside their preferred gender.

We had a nice conversation, but then, I can talk with pretty much anyone, so that’s not saying a whole lot.

The rest is irrelevant, I suppose.


I want to go to Paris and have a torrid love affair.

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