Despite the ugly stories which have made up my romantic life thus far, I still want the fairy tale.

I want to be rescued, and I want to “rescue him right back.”

I want him to love me, and I want to know it without wondering. I want him to teach me things I don’t know. I want him to show me things I’ve not seen.

I want him to whisk me off to the Opera… or Paris… or Seychelles. I want to explore ancient Greek ruins together and make passionate love with him on crisp white sheets and eat delicious food by the sea as we soak in the local culture and salty air.

I want him to be smart… and funny… and sexy… and kind.

And I want to share everyday life with him – movies, dinner, sex, television shows, laundry, cooking, eating, working in the yard, neighborhood cookouts, deep conversations, theater, vacations, fixing broken things, planting flowers and trees, music, decision-making…

I want him to love me above all women, undoubtedly. And I want look up to him with the wonder of a child and respect him deeply.

“Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin’.”

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