Month: May 2009

If the Shoe Seat Fits

I picked up my new car on Friday night. Thank god it put me in such a great mood that I didn’t even care when deadbeat number 4 canceled on me because he wasn’t “feeling well.” I am completely, unabashedly, ridiculously in love with this car. A few years ago, when I was working out heavily at the gym with a personal trainer, I … Read More If the Shoe Seat Fits

Just Doin’ It

I still feel pretty good, although the weather has been disgusting for May. I’m freezing. I find myself in the “just do it” zone right now. Exercise, planning meals, household chores, phone calls, appointments, shopping trips… I’m plodding away at them and trying to mark things off my list before it becomes completely unmanageable. The one thing I’m not doing is having sex. Too … Read More Just Doin’ It

Shine On

I feel like a million bucks. The court case with Mr. N/A did not go well for me, from my point of view. I wanted someone with power to tell him he was an ass. I wanted the judge to punish him for being a dick with a penalty so stiff, he would never again try to pull one over on me. Didn’t happen. … Read More Shine On

Spring Fever

I am on the edge – the brink – the cusp… of something enormous. It’s big – and it’s going to change my life. I feel it. I am titillated. I’m turned on and tuned in. I feel the precursory sensuous waves of pleasure rolling through my body, and everything is full and ripe and ready to receive. Each passing day feels like slow, … Read More Spring Fever

We Go Back Like 1980

I’m in love with this new little ditty from Rehab called 1980: It’s light, it’s fun, and it takes me right back to those good ole days. I actually did have a fantasy that one of my 80’s boyfriends would bust in the back door of the church and protest my marriage to another man. He didn’t. I thought I was really weird for … Read More We Go Back Like 1980

Power Tools

Every time I successfully do something I used to rely on Mr. N/A to do, I feel completely empowered. Today I hung some great faux wood window blinds in my kids’ bathrooms. I measured, drilled, screwed, and installed the scary things. They look terrific, and now my daughter doesn’t have to drape her robe over her window anymore for privacy. And, since I found … Read More Power Tools