I’m in love with this new little ditty from Rehab called 1980:

It’s light, it’s fun, and it takes me right back to those good ole days. I actually did have a fantasy that one of my 80’s boyfriends would bust in the back door of the church and protest my marriage to another man. He didn’t. I thought I was really weird for fantasizing about that – it’s so funny to hear someone actually write about it in a song.

Facebook has connected me with my past in a jolting way. It brings together in one place all of my parts – the neighbor, the friend, the date, the family member, the student, the singer, the dancer, the Bible-thumper, the cheerleader, the daughter, the mother, the web-surfer, and the professional. Each group of Facebook friends touches a different part of my personality. I am connected with memories of the girl I was while remaining the woman I am in the present moment. I can look back with a new perspective, but also, the part of myself who still feels a little lost can reconnect with a forgotten piece of Lisa.

Right now, I’m focused a little bit on the 80’s – probably because of all of the high-school friends and co-workers who have come out of the woodwork in the past few years, and maybe because I’m planning a trip to Indiana for the end of June. Indiana is my home state, and I left her in the 80’s for a brand new life.

I had my first drink in the 80’s. I had my first sex in the 80’s. I got married in the 80’s – twice. I graduated from two schools and turned in my Bible for a pair of pom-pons and a spot on the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders roster. I lived in four different states and in nine different homes.

It was a big decade.

Reconnecting with people from all different stages of that 10-year span is interesting, to say the least.

I mentioned my Indiana trip on my Facebook page and had a pretty good response from people who wanted to get together. I plan to attend the annual band reunion, ride a Harley through the cornfields with an old crush, see some long-lost relatives, meet a new online friend, and hopefully have a mini reunion with lots of high-school folks and neighborhood friends. There are a couple of old flames I’d love to see, just to talk and tie up some loose ends.

Each meeting is an opportunity to learn, to grow, to heal, to move forward from old “stuff.”

I’m ready – bring it on.

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