Month: June 2009

Going Home

My Indiana departure is eminent. Let the crazies begin. Seeing my family and connecting with my past sends a flood of emotional energy coursing through my veins. I’m excited, apprehensive, expectant, hopeful, defensive, nervous, with a little bit of residual anger mixed in. I’m also pretty stressed about the preparations, now that I’m working full-time and barely have time to breathe as it is. … Read More Going Home

It’s a Dog’s Life

By 9:30 this morning, I had run 3 miles, let the dog out, taken a shower, gotten dressed with hair and makeup, eaten breakfast, seen three children off to school (for different buses), emptied the dishwasher, checked email for work, and I was back home with the dog from an early vet appointment. The vet thinks my dog has OCD. That’s just fuckin’ great. … Read More It’s a Dog’s Life

Dealing with Disappointment

It only took me a couple of days to recover from the Crete-trip fiasco. After all, I was doing great before the idea even came across my radar screen. Nothing has changed. I noticed I have been looking for comfort in food this week, but I’m trying to reign that in and get back on track. As a completely unobjective observer of my own … Read More Dealing with Disappointment

Working Through It

Everything hurts – my body, my spirit, my mind. I’m wiped out and trying to figure out how to push through it and keep moving forward. You’d think with all the fucking disappointments I’ve had in my life, I would be able to handle this one easily. I mean, a couple of weeks ago, I had no plans to see the Belgian in Greece, … Read More Working Through It

Shaken Up

I’m trying not to cry at work. The Belgian canceled out on the trip. I feel like I just got hit by a truck.

My Heart’s Desire

I finally turned off my last online dating profile. Whatever it is that I’m looking for, I’m not finding it here in NJ – not right now. Mr. Nice Guy and I have been spending lots of time on the phone lately. I’ve been trying to decide if I think it’s smart to get together with him this summer or not. I don’t know … Read More My Heart’s Desire