I finally turned off my last online dating profile. Whatever it is that I’m looking for, I’m not finding it here in NJ – not right now.

Mr. Nice Guy and I have been spending lots of time on the phone lately. I’ve been trying to decide if I think it’s smart to get together with him this summer or not. I don’t know the answer to that.

The other night, I was talking with Grace on the phone, and I told her that I missed the Belgian terribly, and that what I wanted more than anything was to vacation with him again in Greece this summer. She urged me to ask him.

So I did.

I sent off an email and nervously waited for a response. A couple of days went by… nothing. Then, finally, a phone call from Europe. Did I receive his text message? No, my phone has been on the fritz… He said yes, he would love to meet me in Greece, and he was so happy I had asked, because he had been thinking about asking me the same thing.

He says I knew he would say yes. (Is that true, I wonder?)

All I know is that I’m moved to tears every time I think about this trip, and my heart jumps, and I can’t believe we’re really going to do this. It’s very much the same reaction I had the first time we went.

The Belgian and I have had some stormy visits when we’ve tried to take our relationship to a “real-life” setting, where one or both of us has everyday responsibilities. I think we work much better in a fantasy setting, which means – vacation, sans kids and horses. Hot sun and sand and foreign languages… airplanes and boats and rental cars… stone streets and terraces and ancient ruins.

I realize that we may never share the all-American family story. But, perhaps more importantly, we have already shared the passionate, once-in-a-lifetime love affair that all good romance stories are made of – the kind of thing every girl dreams of after she realizes the white dress didn’t do it for her – the post-movie “why can’t that happen to me” fantasy.

Four years ago, I wished for a story like that. My heart’s desire was granted beyond my wildest dreams. And here we go again. I wished it… et voila!

The trick is not to put “forever” and “always” out there, but to seize the moments and let them flood the soul with every good and wonderful thing the Universe has to offer.

I’m going to Greece.

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