By 9:30 this morning, I had run 3 miles, let the dog out, taken a shower, gotten dressed with hair and makeup, eaten breakfast, seen three children off to school (for different buses), emptied the dishwasher, checked email for work, and I was back home with the dog from an early vet appointment.

The vet thinks my dog has OCD. That’s just fuckin’ great.

We’re trying two weeks of a new natural remedy with tryptophan – you know, the drug in turkey that makes you sleepy. The hope is that Mimzy will be able to relax enough to remember he doesn’t have to be crazy and go back to being “normal.” If this doesn’t work, it’s off to a behaviorist, which I might need anyway.

Maybe I should start a round of tryptophan for myself.

I wonder if they have a kids’ version, too?

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