Hopefully, I’ll be writing a little bit more about my travels this weekend, after the kids leave to spend time with their dad. I really do have a lot to say – I guess I’m still reviewing and decompressing from the trip to Indiana. It was a good visit – a really good visit.

I had decided before I left here that I wasn’t going to argue with my sister. I learned from past visits that it really isn’t enough to merely shut my mouth, but I truly have to change my attitude about her, too, or else she reads my nasty thoughts in my silence. I decided that her life is no longer any of my business – that maybe I don’t know a better way to do it after all, and that her young daughter is going to be just fine, whether or not I think Wendy is doing things “right.” It worked. We got along great.

The other thing I did to ensure peace in the house was to book my social calendar tightly, so I had someone to see or something to do every day. Sitting around feeling bored at my mother’s gets me into trouble.

And it was through these social events that I learned and grew and loved.

The motorcycle ride with RV did not work out this time, but I did all of these other things:

  • Drove to Trafalgar and dropped Niki and her friend off at church camp.
  • Went to the gym with my mother and had a great workout while she participated in her senior aerobics class.
  • Rode the Monon Trail and Canal Tow Path on a rented bike with Music Man, a former classmate and friend. We had a lot to talk about and the day was truly delightful.
  • Attended my high-school band reunion, consisting of several graduating-class years.
  • Went to two different happy-hour gatherings of high-school friends who had connected on Facebook.
  • Drove around my old neighborhood with a guy I used to date in high school and talked and talked and talked… We went by the high school, too.
  • Drove to Franklin for pizza and a movie with old and new friends.
  • Saw long-lost relatives on my father’s side at a Raccoon Lake rainy July 4th celebration fit for a queen.
  • Lunched with my 4 special church girlfriends I’ve known since the second grade.
  • Attended a birthday party for my sister’s step-son.
  • Took my oldest daughter to see Angels and Demons.
  • Drove to Trafalgar to pick Niki up from camp.
  • Bought fireworks at the grocery store and set them off with the kids.
  • Thought about surprising Football Guy at work, but decided against it this time.


3 Comments on “Summing it Up

  1. I couldn't decide whether or not it was a good idea to see Football Guy. Everything in me wanted to, but I wasn't sure if I would be creating an uncomfortable situation for him. I would still like very much to see him again one day.


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