Month: August 2009

Cyber Survival

Okay. I confess. I couldn’t stay off of the dating sites for very long. I’m ridiculously codependent and seeking a relationship for that elusive adrenalin rush I mistake for love. I know you can’t force relationships, but I’m going to die trying. It’s a numbers game, I told myself. Find enough deadbeat guys, and there’s bound to be a gem in the rough waiting … Read More Cyber Survival

Pleasuring Myself

I usually don’t have a problem spoiling myself, but I’m a little practical when it comes to my nails. I’ll splurge every now and then, but I just can’t justify spending $50 and up for a manicure/pedicure I can do myself at home for nothing. Today was a splurge day. I took a chance and walked into a strip-mall nail spa tucked between a … Read More Pleasuring Myself

Sex, Love, and Emptiness

In light of my recent hormone surge, today I watched a controversial film called Diary of a Nymphomaniac. It was not what I expected. I saw a couple of reviews that referred to it as pornographic, but I have to disagree. It was a disturbing, dark picture that dared to delve deeply into a young woman’s inner struggle to reconcile her sex drive, her … Read More Sex, Love, and Emptiness

Beautiful Blonde Part 2

Well, I’m not holding my breath for the gorgeous blonde. This is why I turned off my profiles. Online dating triggers so much expectation and guesswork on my part that it’s completely emotionally exhausting. He did respond to my initial email. He said he had been out of town, and yes, he would like to see my profile and photos. (My original email had … Read More Beautiful Blonde Part 2

Beautiful Blonde

Well, I did it. I compromised. But it wasn’t for love, it was for the hope of even just one evening out with a gorgeous hunk of a man with shining, long blonde hair and bright blue eyes that I found on He’s 6’1″ and absolutely beautiful. Oh my god… I get goosebumps just thinking about that. I never make initial contact with … Read More Beautiful Blonde

More on Men

I chose a couple of classic titles for my recent trip to Mexico, including East of Eden, but I just couldn’t tame my concentration long enough to get into them. I resorted to a light-hearted bargain-table book called How to Be Single, by Liz Tuccillo, one of the authors of He’s Just Not that Into You. Though poorly written and amateurish, the book was … Read More More on Men

Shut Up and Drive

My divorce has been final for nearly 4 years now, and I think I’ve effectively demonstrated that I can survive without a significant male in my daily life. I mow my own grass, I drill my own holes in the wall, I plant my own bushes, and I wash my own car. I can navigate the aisles at Home Depot with relative ease. I’ve … Read More Shut Up and Drive

The Itch is Back

I don’t know what this goddamned thing is, or what is triggering it, but I’m tired of breaking out like a leper every few years. My coworker affectionately (I think) calls me “Herp,” since the rash does resemble pictures I’ve seen of the Herpes virus and its cousins. Blood tests have ruled out the most common types of Herpes. The closest things I’ve had … Read More The Itch is Back

Give Me a D! Give Me a C!

I returned home last night from my third and final week of vacation for the summer. The kids and I spent the first part of the week here in NJ, hitting our favorite beach and getting things done. Then we headed off to DC to visit our best friends, and I took Joey downtown to see the sights. My souvenirs consist of a Redskins … Read More Give Me a D! Give Me a C!

Stay at Home Day

It’s a dreary Sunday here, with scattered thunderstorms predicted for the area. I love it. I told the kids yesterday I would not drive them anywhere today. Today is my “home” day. I know some people who can’t stand to sit still, and a day when the car never leaves the driveway is a very sad day, indeed. But I really need those days … Read More Stay at Home Day