It’s a dreary Sunday here, with scattered thunderstorms predicted for the area. I love it.

I told the kids yesterday I would not drive them anywhere today. Today is my “home” day.

I know some people who can’t stand to sit still, and a day when the car never leaves the driveway is a very sad day, indeed. But I really need those days once in awhile – I do. My mental health depends on it. No errands. No appointments. No schedule. No rules.

It’s a bonus if it falls on a Sunday, since I grew up in an area of the country where Sunday was still considered a “day of rest,” and so the guilt factor is lower on Sunday for me. If it’s a rainy (or better yet, snowy or icy) Sunday – jackpot. No guilt. No little voice inside my head nagging me to “go out and play – it’s such a nice day outside.”

This morning I woke up lazily and played with my iPod Touch from the nightstand while my son and the dog snuggled up close and watched cartoons. The aftermath of my daughter’s 14th birthday celebration is in the kitchen, beckoning me to do the inevitable clean-up. My half-empty suitcase is opened at the foot of my bed, reminding me of all the clothes I didn’t wear and not to pack so much next time. Laundry is waiting… my study is a disaster of paperwork and craft supplies which still need a home.

I promised Niki I’d replace her paper blinds with nice faux-wood ones if she cleaned her room. As long as I don’t open the closet, she obliged, so I guess I need to get the drill and do an installation today.

In the garage, at least the piles are tidy and confined, and the lawnmower is still charging its battery. Maybe I’ll be able to sneak a quick cut in between thunder rumblings and before the actual rain falls.

I feel myself on the cusp of my September frenzy – my biological new year. School starts, the air becomes crisp, and my soul screams for renewal and organization. Fuck January 1st and all its hype… Labor Day is my trigger.

I thought I might hire a cleaning team to give the house a good once-over… bathroom scrub-downs, floor polishing, baseboard and wall grime-removal, and… windows. The carpets upstairs need another cleaning, and then I think I can manage the rest for another 6 months or so.

Okay, I think I just psyched myself into some housework. But I’m only doing it cuz I feel like it.

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