I returned home last night from my third and final week of vacation for the summer. The kids and I spent the first part of the week here in NJ, hitting our favorite beach and getting things done. Then we headed off to DC to visit our best friends, and I took Joey downtown to see the sights.

My souvenirs consist of a Redskins license-plate frame, a Hope diamond replica charm for my collector’s bracelet, a pair of Michael Kors platform shoes for Fall, a bumpy, itchy rash, and a stuffy nose.

(The rash began before we left, with one small red bump under my chin that I thought was a mosquito or spider bite. It’s moving up my neck, behind my ear, and down one arm. I get this stuff once every 2-3 years, and no one has been able to diagnose it. I’m sure it’s stress related, but what am I stressed about? Hmm…)

I got my usual emotional high the minute I hit the 495 beltway. The physical energy of that area affects me incredibly. The opportunities (for just about anything you’d like) are endless. I feel like I am connected with strangers I pass on the street… we are DC people (at least for that moment), bound together by some unseen, endorphin-generating power that compels us to offer our Metro seats to others, to donate to the hungry sax player on the street, and to well up with pride when we pass military personnel, regardless of our opinion about the war.

The monuments are powerful reminders of our young, but rich, American history. DC is the gathering place for our giant national pep-rally, where we come together with banners and symbols as a part of the exclusive, elite, most popular country in the world. We are Americans. Critical outsiders are merely jealous, because we are the cool kids.

Whatever you’d like to eat or buy or do or watch is within reach. Unlike NYC, the streets (and subway trains) are clean, and the city doesn’t smell like a toilet.

I wonder, if I do return to northern Virginia one day, whether or not it will hold the same thrill for me, or if I’m better off remaining a distant alumna who returns periodically for Homecoming.

Speaking of which…

The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Alumnae have been invited to perform at the half-time show on September 20th at the home opener against the Rams. I can’t wait to be on that field again. It’s time to shake the dust off my pom-poms and lose these last few pounds!

Washington rocks!

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