Well, I’m not holding my breath for the gorgeous blonde.

This is why I turned off my profiles. Online dating triggers so much expectation and guesswork on my part that it’s completely emotionally exhausting.

He did respond to my initial email. He said he had been out of town, and yes, he would like to see my profile and photos. (My original email had only a face-shot). He sprinkled in a few other niceties (in poorly written English with atrocious spelling, which I decided to forgive considering the fact that he is totally HOT) and I turned my profile back on and followed up with another email saying so.

Let me just say that I know I’m being superficial here, but, as I told my coworker, I really don’t care if he can’t spell. He doesn’t even need to talk – if he can just stand there and look pretty, I’m good. I am way overdue for some excitement in the sex department, and I think one night with this guy would provide me with material for plenty of future fantasies to tide me over for awhile.

He responded… oh, he responded all right… with a wink. What the hell was that supposed to mean? What was I supposed to do?

I texted my coworker on his day off and asked for his advice. He told me to wink back. Lame, I thought. He texted me back and said, “What else can you do? They don’t make a spread-your-legs emoticon.”

I guess that just about sums it up.

Au suivant!

5 Comments on “Beautiful Blonde Part 2

  1. Just go get yourself laid!! I'm sure their are plenty of willing men happy to help. Wish I was there to help!


  2. Wasn't me.

    But the line, “What else can you do? They don't make a spread-your-legs emoticon.”, cracked me up!

    Wishing you the best…



  3. Keith,

    I know… I laughed out loud for two days straight and still smile involuntarily at the thought of it.

    The coworker and I are going out for drinks tonight to discuss our dismal love lives. I'm sure he'll cheer me up.


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