I usually don’t have a problem spoiling myself, but I’m a little practical when it comes to my nails. I’ll splurge every now and then, but I just can’t justify spending $50 and up for a manicure/pedicure I can do myself at home for nothing. Today was a splurge day.

I took a chance and walked into a strip-mall nail spa tucked between a UPS store and a deli. I figured it would be cheap and fast.

I hit the jackpot.

It was a no-frills place, just as I expected, but its simplicity evoked a zen-like feeling for me.

There was no wait, and a beautiful young Asian woman led me towards the back of the salon to my seat at the pedicure station. I rolled up my pants, stepped into the warm foot bath she had drawn for me, and sat back in the chair for a deep, rolling massage. My back arched and my hips rocked forward and backward to the rhythm of the massage. The warm foot bath pulsated with Jacuzzi jets. My body started to let go of everything and just enjoy.

The woman was a master of her craft. She had porcelain skin and a small frame with young breasts. She spread her knees wide and pulled her chair up close to the foot bath so she could work. I surrendered to all of this sensuality as she applied an exfoliation lotion to my entire lower leg and pressed her thumbs into my muscles like an expert massage therapist. She gently rinsed my legs and feet with warm water, then repeated the process with a sweet-smelling lotion from Victoria’s Secret called Love Potion. The scent of jasmine filled the air as she applied hot towels, which sent shivers up and down my spine.

She worked as though she had nowhere else to be. Usually, the quick rub of lotion over my legs and feet is never enough to satisfy me, but I got my money’s worth and then some today.

She proceeded to file and paint my nails perfectly.

I was acutely aware that amidst all of this sensuality, sexuality was absent. The smells… the caress of human touch… the water… the woman with the perfect body… I appreciated all of it without feeling sexual at all.

I might start spoiling myself a little more often.

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