Month: September 2009

Slow Simmer

I’m in one of those motivated albeit realistic moods, where I get lots of stuff done but realize something’s gotta give and I can’t do it all. Dating has gone to the back-burner for the past few days. Kids and home are current priorities. I saw the Rock Star twice last week. Band practice got rescheduled, so I missed out on that. I still … Read More Slow Simmer

One Week, One Guy, Four Dates

I saw him Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. And I still like him. His band plays at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park next month. He’s a bassist in a rock and roll band with a very unique style, but his personality is soft and kind and thoughtful. He brought me a tiny rose bush on Sunday night in a gorgeous pumpkin color for … Read More One Week, One Guy, Four Dates

It’s Raining Men

It poured here on Friday. I mean it really came down. So, I worked from home and had myself a little pity party, since I was feeling pretty crappy about almost everything. An older gentleman from Washington state emailed me on my dating site and asked me what I looked for in a man. He seemed harmless enough, so I engaged in his line … Read More It’s Raining Men

What a Difference a Date Makes

I had lunch yesterday with the Photographer. I’m not so sure about him. I felt really sad when I left the restaurant… I think my gut knows he’s not the one for me, although I enjoy his attention and it does feel good to be kissed. He asked me to dinner again tomorrow night. I said yes. I feel another wave of hormones hitting … Read More What a Difference a Date Makes

Date with the Photographer

Well, he made it to round two. That’s something, isn’t it? Dinner was comfortable and easy. All of the pre-date wooing made it so. I especially loved it when he surprised me mid-sentence and leaned over the table with a direct, lingering kiss, full on the mouth, and said, “I’ve been wanting to do that since the first minute I saw you.” Wow. To … Read More Date with the Photographer

Date with Sexy Voice the Blues Musician

The date with Sexy Voice didn’t happen. He waited until Thursday night to call me about “details,” and then all I knew was an approximate time and a town. WTF? We were supposed to meet Friday at 7:30, and he waited until 5:30 to leave a voice mail saying he’d have to push it back an hour or two. I didn’t respond. Fuck him. … Read More Date with Sexy Voice the Blues Musician

Woo Me

While the guy with the Sexy Voice is too busy lining up future dates or following some “don’t call her for 3 days” rule (leaving me clueless about our supposed date tomorrow night), the Photographer is charming my pants off. He still hasn’t asked for my phone number, but we have a date set for Monday afternoon/evening, and he’s actually driving an hour and … Read More Woo Me

Date with the New Yorker

It’s a fine line between trying not to be so uptight and being a sucker. I tried the first and winced only slightly when the New Yorker waited until 4:00 pm the day of our date to discuss the venue and a specific time. I focused on keeping my attitude light as I drove halfway to meet him. I smiled a big smile and … Read More Date with the New Yorker