While the guy with the Sexy Voice is too busy lining up future dates or following some “don’t call her for 3 days” rule (leaving me clueless about our supposed date tomorrow night), the Photographer is charming my pants off.

He still hasn’t asked for my phone number, but we have a date set for Monday afternoon/evening, and he’s actually driving an hour and a half to see me in my backyard. His suggestion.

He’s great at witty banter, and he evokes my best stuff right back. The emails have been flying back and forth over the past few days, non-stop till bedtime. I spend my days smiling for no apparent reason and laughing out loud to myself. That seems good. We’re definitely clicking.

But I’ve done this just enough to know that witty banter isn’t everything. There’s the elusive thing called… bah-bah-bahhhh… chemistry. His picture definitely attracts me – there was something about his smile and his eyes that seemed oddly comforting and familiar from my very first look at his profile. But you never know until you stand in someone’s presence… until you soak up their energy and smell their smell… until you really gaze into their eyes and see glimpses of a soul… you just never know until all of that happens whether or not you want to be connected to this person – whether or not you want to be vulnerable and share more of yourself with them. And I really think that chemistry is mutual if it exists.

So, while Sexy Voice was initially in my number-one spot, he has been demoted nearly to the Asshole position. He could have been getting to know me prior to the date. He could act like he’s excited to take me out. The Photographer has got it all over him, and probably will have me all over him come Monday. He’s already asked to take me into Manhattan if we make it through the first date, so I know the interest is very mutual here at this point.

I’m excited. I haven’t felt that way in a long time. I hope I like him.

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